A lot of people want to talk about losing weight, but don’t use real methods to track their progress.
I like to have objective measures and empirical measures to track weight loss. Not ‘I think’ or ‘I reckon’ or ‘I hope’ only real concrete evidence gives us any confidence to see if we are getting results.
Here are 4 ways that we use in our programs and that anyone can use to track how they are progressing.

1. Take photos 
In our No Excuses program we take photos of our clients before they start and after it ends. This is a clear visual aid to show how you are progressing and is easy to do from home as well.

2. Weekly weigh-in
People don’t always like using scales. This method has its flaws as there are issues about body composition; you may have lost fat but gained muscle so you may not notice a difference in overall weight but you still have made progress.
However it still gives a good indication over a period of time to your overall weight loss.
On average 0.5 KG a week is a good weight loss and it leads to a stronger chance that you will be able to sustain this amount

To learn how to lose weight we have a post here that explains the four keys to sustainable and substantial weight loss

3. Skinfolds Monthly
The pinch test- Again it is an objective measure to check body fat. You may be keeping a similar weight but losing fat and gaining muscle and this will help us out to determine body composition changes that the scales can’t tell us.

4. Clothes
Perhaps the best measure of all.
Try on a pair of jeans, shirt etc and check every fortnight to see how that piece of clothing fits now. Is it the same, looser or tighter? Clothes don’t change so this method will show you exactly where the weight is coming off.

A combination of the above four methods will lead to accurate and confident measures of how you are progressing towards your weight loss goals.

Thanks for staying tuned and feel free to contact or comment if you have any questions.

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One of the best gyms I’ve been to! In the past I’ve felt intimidated at gyms but have never felt this way at Max results. Everyone is really warm and welcoming. Matt and the other personal trainers are lovely and so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough! Brittney Lee-Wilson
Shout out to Matt and the team. Best PT studio I’ve ever trained at. The team has helped me get much stronger which has helped me with the physical demands of work. Dane Taylor
I’ve been training with Matt and his team for over a year now and had amazing results not only physically but feeling great mentally as well. It’s a super nice gym with quality equipment and the PT trainers are all willing to listen to your fitness needs. Sarah Moffat