Yesterday we talked about why people fail with online products and why they should be avoided

There are all kinds of supplements nowadays promising get ripped quick, lose weight etc but the worst of all has to be the (in)famous Herbalife.

Lets take it back right to the start. How does herbalife work?
You buy a product from a distributor, they recruit you to be a distributor and get rewarded for it, then you sell the products and do the same. Each distributor then acts as a ‘health coach’ and is supposed to help you along your way- yes these people have 0 qualifications, no study in the field and no authority whatsoever.
So yes it is a pyramid scheme (and is currently under investigation by the FBI).

So why do so many people advocate for this brand? They get paid because as mentioned above it’s a pyramid scheme. Don’t believe us? 90% of people that use products do so for self consumption, 73% of distributors did so for discounts. They don’t care about the product they care about $.
To put their product in perspective they have ONE patent in healthcare and nutrition and only spend 0.5% of their book value on research and development. By contrast Kellogs has 228 patents.

Straight from Herbalife annual reports: ‘Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling’.  Wow this has to be a major red flag to anyone reading. Their #1 priority is business, not quality of ingredients or sustained results.

They spend more on marketing then do on the product!! They sell a business opportunity! So many distributors have quit: over 6 million, due to them uncovering the truth about this brand.

Speaking of ingredients let’s take a look at what is inside this ‘health product’.
Soy Protein Isolate: this a genetically modified processed ingredient
Sucralose: another unnatural product, artificial sweetener and chlorified which alters bacterial gut balance
MSG: Yes a health product that contains MSG seems legit. Don’t be fooled they write it as corn syrup, yeast extract, maltodextrin etc.
Carageenan: processes additive shown to cause cancer in rats

Still think this is a health food company?

Do their products even get results? Everyone that has achieved weight loss by taking their shake also takes a reduced calorie diet. So no the shake does not equate to losing weight.

Why do we care about this: because people are being tricked into believing they are improving their health and in doing so they are putting their health at risk. Young people are falling for this scheme at the attraction of making a quick buck.

Had an experience with Herbalife? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Herbalife has been forced to pay a $200 million fine by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading people as it ‘does not offer participants a viable retail-based business opportunity’ and will therefore need to restructure it’s business dramatically. Reported byWSJ

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