Online programs are gaining popularity and we get it; you have more control over your time and it is generally cheaper. But this is at a tradeoff with results.

98% of self-directed weight loss plans fail according to studies. So 2 out of 100 will be successful when undertaking online weight loss programs. So why do people fall for the hype of online products?
Because companies that produce them generally have large marketing budgets to hype up their product (cough cough Michelle Bridges). Then what they do is contact the 2% that succeed with use of their product- put heaps of dollars into making a (scripted) slick video and story line that suits them.

Now the kicker: Why do they fail?
-There is no direction, they give you a heap of information at once, too much to take in and you try to do it all at once or you get overwhelmed and procrastinate.
– There is no personal social support. There is no trainer to push you when you think you have done enough, there is no one there telling you that you are capable, there is no one there to make a real human connection with who genuinely cares about you and your results.
-People that get results on these programs usually need to do them more than once

Companies that sell weight loss products online are 100% in it for the money, they do not care about your results

So are we surprised that 98% fail during online programs? No.
That’s why at Max Results we will not give in to the pressures of online programs for the sake of extra cash. We put YOU first. We empower and educate you so that you can get results, keep them and improve your life. And the key to achieving this is the personal support network our trainerscreate with you right here.

Programs like 30 Day No Excuses Weight Loss Challenge are designed to push you out of your comfort zone
We help our participants enhance their lives with continued support afterward to keep them motivated.

We want to know your experiences with online products! Comment Below!

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One of the best gyms I’ve been to! In the past I’ve felt intimidated at gyms but have never felt this way at Max results. Everyone is really warm and welcoming. Matt and the other personal trainers are lovely and so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough! Brittney Lee-Wilson
Shout out to Matt and the team. Best PT studio I’ve ever trained at. The team has helped me get much stronger which has helped me with the physical demands of work. Dane Taylor
I’ve been training with Matt and his team for over a year now and had amazing results not only physically but feeling great mentally as well. It’s a super nice gym with quality equipment and the PT trainers are all willing to listen to your fitness needs. Sarah Moffat