“If it comforts you in the short term, it’ll likely weaken you in the long term”

It’s been noticeable that over the last few weeks, as the weather has started to cool off, the typically positive, optimistic outlook synonymous of the Max Results members is not as prominent as it usually is.

When it’s cold out, it can be tough to drag yourself out of bed of a morning, or off the couch of an evening to make it into the gym for your 4 sessions per week. Maybe you’re under the pump with work, or you’re running around after the kids and feel that you can’t find the time. Maybe you’re feeling as though that bit of junk food in the office fridge will help give you the energy to get you through your day.

This is common and completely normal, but who wants to be normal?

1 in 3 Australian’s are obese. Our physical health as a population is on a steady decline, and the statistics showing an increasing prevalence of mental health conditions are alarming.

*I am by no means suggesting exercise is a cure for any mental health conditions, however numerous studies have shown it to be beneficial for the treatment of a range of conditions.

Being lazy, grossly overweight and mediocre in all aspects of life is acceptable and I’m not going to try and tell you living like that is not ok, but if you get to the point where you realise you want something more, where you want to be different, then maybe a change of mindset is in order.

Whatever your reason is for not taking the time to take care of your health, then I want you to take a second and reevaluate whether what you think is preventing you from looking after yourself is actually stopping you.

We’re lucky to work with some serious high achievers at Max Results. I could list countless examples of the people that achieve their goals with us and how they overcome various obstacles, but instead I want to look into what they share in common that allows them to succeed.

Drive – Buying a gym membership in January after making a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight is a sign of motivation. Whether you stick at it, will show whether or not you are driven. Our successful members are driven. They have a deep understanding of why they signed up with us in the first place, and some poor weather or a rough day of work won’t prevent them from achieving their goal.

Resilience – Results are never linear. Everyone has setbacks and rough days but those that are successful don’t let them snowball into a bad week. They’re playing the long game and get back into their routine as soon as possible.

Your bodyweight may have increased after a week where you’ve overeaten at a few events. You might have missed a couple of reps on a weight you lifted last week. No worries, get back to your plan as soon time and conditions allow.

Ownership – Our successful members own their actions and as a result their outcomes. They look to make the best of a situation, rather than complain about it. If that means waking up at 5am to ensure they can fit their weights session in, then that’s what they’ll do. If it means choosing a healthier option for lunch, to help fuel their afternoon workout then that may be a necessary sacrifice.

Rather than complaining that you’re tired, or whining about why something is too hard and projecting negativity on those around you, perhaps ask yourself why you started to begin with? Consider how important it is for you to achieve what you set out to do. Then maybe the fact you

Owning these less than ideal situations and coming away from them with small wins, is going to be like compound interest for your health. Dominate a 5:30am workout one day, eat a healthy lunch, spend quality time with your family as opposed to binge watching the latest Netflix series and notice the difference it makes to your life.

If you want to start to own your mindset and outcomes, our 12-week lifestyle program may be for you.

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One of the best gyms I’ve been to! In the past I’ve felt intimidated at gyms but have never felt this way at Max results. Everyone is really warm and welcoming. Matt and the other personal trainers are lovely and so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough! Brittney Lee-Wilson
Shout out to Matt and the team. Best PT studio I’ve ever trained at. The team has helped me get much stronger which has helped me with the physical demands of work. Dane Taylor
I’ve been training with Matt and his team for over a year now and had amazing results not only physically but feeling great mentally as well. It’s a super nice gym with quality equipment and the PT trainers are all willing to listen to your fitness needs. Sarah Moffat