When we often begin training we like to focus on the nutrition and training consistency. Of course these things matter but there is a piece that is often overlooked if your results are going to go from good to great. What do you do next after your nutrition is in check and after you consistently train?

The missing piece is not removing an extra macro here or there it’s managing your stress response. You need to be able to relax at some point. Recovery is just as important if not more important than your session you just put in the gym. The recovery portion is where you make your gains and increase your fitness so that your next session can be even better. In fact having a higher level of aerobic fitness is associated with a reduced physiological response in the face of psychological stress.

Studies have found that those with higher stress levels have an impaired ability to recover quicker and lessens the ability to adapt to weight training and therefore require more days ‘off’ training to recover adequately. So by encountering more physical stressful situations you reduce your ability to get both fitter and stronger.

If you are someone who regularly has physiological reactions (Higher HR, fidgeting, sweat response etc) to stress you overload your sympathetic nervous system (SNS)- reducing your sleep quality, aerobic capacity and strength.  In today’s world we often overload our SNS with stimuli that activates our amygdala and cortisol and often forget about its counterpart.

To overcome these issues you need to put load on the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). We do this by relaxing. Being present, having a massage, deep breathing, meditating, being in nature, enjoying the moment and take perspective during what you consider a stressful situation. These strategies and techniques strengthen the PNS and ultimately relax the mind and body.


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One of the best gyms I’ve been to! In the past I’ve felt intimidated at gyms but have never felt this way at Max results. Everyone is really warm and welcoming. Matt and the other personal trainers are lovely and so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough! Brittney Lee-Wilson
Shout out to Matt and the team. Best PT studio I’ve ever trained at. The team has helped me get much stronger which has helped me with the physical demands of work. Dane Taylor
I’ve been training with Matt and his team for over a year now and had amazing results not only physically but feeling great mentally as well. It’s a super nice gym with quality equipment and the PT trainers are all willing to listen to your fitness needs. Sarah Moffat