In terms of achieving any sustained long term lifestyle change, your WHY, must be something that you give deep consideration too.

Why? Pardon the pun

Because motivation/will power is finite.
It will run out. It’s going to ebb and flow and peak and plummet.
When motivation is high it’s an incredible feeling. You feel strong, like you can conquer the world. It can play an important role in helping to set new norms of behaviour, because let’s be honest, that’s what we are trying to achieve when we set out on creating a healthier lifestyle. Most people I meet have reasonable goals about that sort of thing, wanting to be physically fitter, stronger, leaner etc not just for now but forever.

The problem is if underpinning that goal there isn’t a strong WHY your chances of sustained success are low
First hand experiences having working for 25+ years in the fitness industry has proved to me that’s true.

I’ve seen so many people driven and focused and achieved amazing things, fall back into bad habits because they never thought deeply enough about their WHY

So why is your WHY so important?

Life is busy, we live so fast paced in Australia and it’s really easy to change priorities and negotiate with yourself. You start skipping training sessions, but your boss is breathing down your neck at work so you justify it and go for a drink instead of hitting the weights or going for a run. You are tired from working those extra hours and you stop meal prepping, you race into work so your only option is to get lunch from that cafe downstairs, plus, you’re stressed so it’s ok if you get that extra muffin at brunch, plus everyone else seems to be snacking all day at the office, so why should you miss out

Does any of this sound familiar??

If yes, firstly it’s not the end of the world, you’re human, but change
You really can if you want to and your WHY is strong enough
To me, when a client truly grasps that concept, it’s the most exciting and rewarding part of our job.
They start prioritising themselves and the way they want to live life. And they truly change, becoming more empowered, more self confident and much more happy.

But, I don’t know what my WHY is I hear you asking through the keyboard.

My answer is become more introspective. Ask some hard questions of yourself, if you could live life exactly how YOU wanted how would it look. Not for anyone else, not you’re kids, not you’re partner, not your parents , not you’re boss, not your friends or work colleagues.
Just you!!

My why has changed as I’ve gotten older.

When I was younger it was pretty much just aesthetics. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself now thinking about overall health. I want to travel as I get older so I want to be mobile. I saw an old guy trying to get on a bus in Germany a few years ago and because he was so out of shape and immobile the process took ages and I thought to myself what a tough life that guy had to live. Plus I just love life and I want as many years as I can get on planet earth. I want to see everything and you need good overall health to do that

That’s my whole point

Your why is personal to you. If it is aesthetics and looking awesome in jeans that’s totally fine. It just has to be meaningful to you, like really meaningful because we are directed by our own drives and this will 100% influence your behaviour.

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