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It’s a unique age we live in. Access to info has never been easier. Search through Instagram for example and you will see every type of “Fitspo” you could imagine. Exercise videos making complex movements look easy, insta-famous models smashing out their workout with that ever-flashing smile, who REALLY smiles doing burpees?! Bodybuilder or powerlifter videos with rippling muscles lifting insane weights. Every genre of exercise you can think of is covered.

So, back to our original question. Why not, just access that info and not bother investing with a personal trainer?

And invest is the best word I can use to describe employing a great personal trainer.

First and foremost is safety. As in your own personal safety

A well-qualified experienced trainer will perform a pre-training screening questionnaire prior to you ever doing a single exercise.

This should cover all areas of your background. Medical History, previous exercise/training experience, surgeries/injuries, postural assessment etc.

This helps the personal trainer have a good overview of your current health status and allows the professional trainer to construct an appropriate and suitable training regime for YOU.

Not someone else. You!!

If you see someone online, with the body beautiful you can almost guarantee they have been training for a long period of time as a great physique is something you can’t buy, it can only be achieved through hard work and discipline and if you try and follow someone else’s program because you admire them and you are currently deconditioned you are setting yourself up for failure and or injury.

Secondly, a well-qualified experienced trainer will be on the journey with you.

The real art of great coaching is knowing when to give your client a hug, and when to give them a kick up the bum. The best trainers read the play of what’s going on with your training, decode it, and will mix honesty with empathy.

A great trainer is not afraid of having an honest discussion if its required and I firmly believe you can be honest without being an insensitive jerk. Real honesty is the cornerstone of care, even if ego/raw nerves don’t always like that.

Further to that point one of the most important advantages a well-qualified experienced trainer can offer is old fashioned support and motivation. A great trainer will attempt to empower you to be the best version of yourself and not dependent on them, but, they will help you stay on track when your motivation wanes, as it invariably does for almost everyone at certain times. A phone call or text from someone who truly cares about you can make a big difference and get you back on track quickly.

Finally, and most importantly of all a well-qualified and experienced trainer will ensure you are meeting your goals. If you are financially investing in employing a personal trainer, it is imperative that they are achieving this and helping you obtain the results you desire.

This should include ongoing and continual program reviews, which allows for appropriate adaptations and objective scientific measurement to track and monitor progress.

Pre and Post testing, regular photos, weekly weigh-in’s, body fat/skinfold measurements should be performed regularly to give a great overall picture of how you are tracking in achieving your goals.

Written by Jackson Cooper and Matt Roberts

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One of the best gyms I’ve been to! In the past I’ve felt intimidated at gyms but have never felt this way at Max results. Everyone is really warm and welcoming. Matt and the other personal trainers are lovely and so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough! Brittney Lee-Wilson
Shout out to Matt and the team. Best PT studio I’ve ever trained at. The team has helped me get much stronger which has helped me with the physical demands of work. Dane Taylor
I’ve been training with Matt and his team for over a year now and had amazing results not only physically but feeling great mentally as well. It’s a super nice gym with quality equipment and the PT trainers are all willing to listen to your fitness needs. Sarah Moffat